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Play with VR!

Go VR! 'Follia Dear Father' can be fully played with VR technology! You will experience a 360-degrees nightmare immersing yourself in a terrifying world.


You will have to survive the horrors you encounter by facing them, to than realize you have only just begun to live the nightmare.

Addressing the horrors in person will make you feel in the middle of the action as never before. You will live a full immersion experience thanks to VR support.

You must pay attention to every door, every single corner…. and remember, at the Frederick Fidelity University, there are terrifying creatures nested in the shadow.


You will find yourself in the university where your parents work and have to get out of a building made up of claustrophobic rooms, corridors and tunnels.

A myriad of obstacles and mysteries will block your way to the truth.
You will have to solve environmental puzzles trying not to attract the attention of the creatures hidden in the dark.